3 MYTHS related to weight loss you need to know about:


Myth #1) “Losing weight is all about ‘calories in – calories out’, so if you decrease your caloric intake and exercise more and you will lose weight.”

That is so old news and not true either! Your body is a complex machine and responds more to the type of calories you consume. You can actually lose weight by eating more calories if you eat the right types of food (and improve you biomarkers at the same time, i.e. weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides etc.)

Myth #2) “Maintaining a fat burning state is dangerous and impossible to do for a long period of time.”

Becoming a fat burner is not only possible but is the absolute best way to optimize your health and reduce your risk of 5 major medical conditions.

Myth #3) “Once you are a diabetic, and especially if you are insulin-dependent, there is very little you can do to lose weight or change your situation.”

People who learn how to become efficient fat burners can often be taken off of insulin in 4 to 6 weeks.