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Hello World!!

Thanks for visiting the Burn Fat Forever (BFF) website! Oh there is so much to discuss. Where do I begin? Hmmm … well, let’s start at the beginning: The inception of BFF seems like a great place to start. As with most great ventures, it all started with a conversation between Dr. Tina and me on weight loss for females over 40. The questions started to flow. For instance why is it that after 40 it seems almost impossible for women to lose or maintain a normal weight? Why is it that diets that seemed to work when a person is younger do not seem to work as the person ages? What’s up with all that belly fat that comes with age? Like a lot of people, at the time we were working out, “eating right” (according to current standards) and still gaining weight! It was like our bodies were resisting our efforts and fighting against us. It was just not fair! Dr. Tina and I decided it was our mission to find the true science that once and for all would help people achieve and maintain their optimal weight, avoid disease, and live longer, healthier lives. Welcome to burn fat forever!!

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