About Burn Fat Forever

Ready to burn fat forever?

Fat will fly off of men and melt off of women!

Is this you?…

“I am trapped in a fat body: this is not who I am!”

“I have tried every diet: 
nothing works consistently.”

“I lose … I gain …I lose…I gain… I’m so miserable.”

“My husband loses weight with HALF the effort.”

“Fat’s NOT fair anymore!”

Burn Fat Forever was created because 2 over forty year old women, dedicated to health and fitness for years, continued to struggle with weight gain and challenges with losing weight despite ridiculous amounts of effort. We joined forces and were shocked to learn that what we thought was an uber healthy lifestyle was contributing to resistance to weight loss. Once we researched the most current research based information, we began to modify our lifestyle and our weight starting dropping.  As a result, we became healthier and much happier. We decided to share this information with others and were so impressed with our results that we start creating retreats for our friends and family. The rest, as they say, is history…

Before you look at anything else though please see our  Burn Fat Forever Disclaimer.

Information is constantly being refined in the outside world and on our website. We want you to make the healthiest informed choices possible and in no way want to be responsible for your misunderstanding of our information; or for you not seeking medical advice from your physician before adopting some of the ideas presented on our site; or because you spilled hot coffee in your lap in a drive though line, etc!

Our Mission Statement, in case you were wondering.

We teach you how to turn your body into a fat burning (ketoadaptive) machine. Typically, people gain weight because they have followed a way of eating or exercising that eventually teaches the body to retain or gain weight.

Some things you will live and learn at our retreat:

  • What type of exercise is most effective in fat burning and why you will want to keep this specific type of exercise to 20 minutes or less a day.
  • How to measure your body’s response to eating and exercising that lets you know if you are burning carbohydrates or fat as your primary fuel.
  • Why and how endurance exercise trains your body to hold onto fat.
  • Why Dr. Atkins was on the right track. Fat is your friend, but he missed a critical understanding that unwittingly sabotaged his program. Find out what the “missing pieces” are to implementing a way of eating that works for life.
  • How to create an eating plan that includes food that range from fast, easy to prepare to luxurious gourmet food. Includes a vegetarian and meat eating plan.
  • What is the real reason a little extra water helps you to lose weight.
  • How and why certain personality types are biologically predisposed towards emotional eating and what to do about that.

FUN! We teach the most effective exercise program known, that when combined with eating plan, will cause FAT to MELT off of Women and FLY off of Men!  You will be amazed at how little time is required!

FREE from the tyranny of counting calories!

REVOLUTIONARY medically supervised, research-based program in which you are never hungry and which is tailored to YOUR body’s specific tolerance for carbohydrates, protein, fat and exercise.

You will not believe how easy and satisfying this program is for LIFE!

The Burn Fat Forever (BFF) program comes to life in the background of a peaceful and playful setting where people of all ages, levels of health and function come together to utilize the latest information in science and psychology accomplishing revolutionary results in moving towards regaining one’s health and ability to live with vitality, purpose, and passion.

The Burn Fat Forever program unfolds amid a weekend of rest, rejuvenation, exercise, and play tailored directly to your personal needs.

Burn Fat Forever is a scientific based, cutting edge, fat burning program with a broad range of activities offered to our guests in order to start them on their journey for life long thriving health and transformation.

Each part of your day is guided closely by a professional staff working among the serene setting of the Abita Springs Be & Be located in the piney woods of Abita Springs, Louisiana, about one hour north of New Orleans.

Click here to see a Burn Fat Forever Sample Day.