Our Staff

Dr. Tina Thomas (aka Dr. T)

Tina holds a PhD in biopsychology, is a licensed social worker, registered nurse and author. She is an innovative and enthusiastic leader in the field of human potential and has a reputation as a “professional fairy godmother” who delights in helping people reach their goals in an elegant and dynamic way. In addition, she has cutting edge information on the biological basis of personality and novel and powerful ways to apply this information to understand oneself and others. Dr. Thomas is the author of The Ultimate Edge – How to Be, Do and Get ANYTHING You Want. She is working on her 2nd book Who Do You Think You Are? – Understanding People from the Inside Out. TinaThomas.com

Tanya Colee

Tanya is an AAFF certified personal trainer with over 16 years experience as a consultant working in prominent healthcare organizations nationwide. She is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of successful business development and strategic planning experience. Tanya is a fitness professional trained in multiple disciplines experience with clients with a wide range of fitness levels. Her passion is disease prevention and maintaining health and wellness.


Barbara Bergeron

Barbara obtained her Masters in Education from Southern Mississippi University. She is a “third-quarter coach”, supporting people between 50 and 75 years old who are reinventing themselves during this unique and powerful stage of adult growth. She is also passionate about creating opportunities to empower women and was a co-founder of PMS (The Power of Mind and Spirit), a woman’s empowerment group, and she is a graduate of ISA (The Institute for Self Actualization). BarbaraBergeron.com


Dr. Matthew Bernard

Matthew graduated from LSU Medical School and completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at Charity and University Hospital in New Orleans, LA. He is currently serving as Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Touro Infirmary in New Orleans, LA. He received an Emergency Medicine Commendation from LSUHSC during and after Hurricane Katrina and the special commendation from ACEP for meritorious service during and after the storm.