Success Stories

Stay tuned for the updates on these success stories as they unfold.  More “After” photos coming soon!!


Having gone from a self described coach potato to a guy who is now in “back in the game”,  Michael H. ‘s weight loss:  300 to  220 lbs.   2012









Cathy C (lost 6 pounds in first 3 weeks):  My BFF retreat experience was very eye opening and exciting.  I felt that I have been given a new lease on life.  This program is a huge challenge since I am a baker.  I truly feel that I can be successful following this plan.  The food options are very satisfying and delicious.  I am very excited to develop and try new recipes.  The BFF retreat experience totally prepared me to life a healthier life.  2012

Marco B (lost 55 lbs. in 6 months)!  Way to go Marco! 2012



Despite her tremendous amount of effort to lose weight, it took the BFF plan for Tina T. to realize her goal weight, going from  184 to 145 lbs.     2012











Cyril L (lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks).

Lolita B (lost 6.2 pounds in first 3 weeks):  I loved the exercise and the yoga.  The sprintervals are especially good for someone of my personality type because they totally wore me out enough to allow me to be able to relax and meditate with ease.  The goal setting session was great in that every goal that I had, such as to feel more energetic and have a more focused mind, are all achievable with the BFF plan. 2012

Louella M (lost 6.1 pounds in 3 weeks):  I never rested so much.  I renewed my outlook on life and felt up to a new beginning. 2012

Pete M (lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks) Keep up the good BFF friendly plan. You can do it! 2012


I have tried every diet out there and kept gaining the weight back.  I worked out and did all the “right” things, lost some weight, but couldn’t keep it off.  Finally with the BFF plan I weigh less than I have in 20 years and I have kept it off now for over 6 months easily!  I have no doubts that this is the way I will eat for life!     2012








Larry B (lost 8.2 pounds in 3 weeks):  I learned a lot for someone who has never been on a diet/nutrition plan before.  Not surprised that our government and medical community have been clueless for all these years.  I lost 8 pounds in only 3 ½ days and 1 ½ inches in my waist during the weekend of the retreat.  This is a great start to a healthier lifestyle that is not as difficult as I had thought. 2012

Barbara M (lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks: I learned a lot and had a great time.  I still have to knock out my preconceived perceptions about fat.  The yoga was a really good addition and showed me that my balance is something on which I need to work.

An excerpt from an email from one of our Guests who needs a kidney transplant but did not qualify for surgery due to his weight. (Names changed for privacy)

Yesterday we visited Dave’s new nephrologist, Dr. J.  and Dr. S, who has followed Dave for 15 years retired this summer.

Dave’s kidney function has continued to deteriorate at a fairly rapid rate as we expected and Dr. G wants to do a preemptive transplant soon – probably within the next 6 months.   Dr. G was happy with the diet that we’re on (low carb/high fat).  His endocrinologist, Dr. R, also gave his blessing to the diet.  He has lost 20 pounds since May 15 in the last three weeks since we started the diet.  (I’ve lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks.)

He needs to lose another 20 pounds to qualify for a transplant – which at this rate is entirely do-able.

This is really good news, actually.  It means Dave won’t have to suffer through dialysis – which has been my primary fear.  Dr. G also thinks the tiredness and weakness are being caused by his blood pressure meds (3) and between Dr. R and Dr. G, the dosage of all three has been cut in half.

Anyway – things are progressing toward the transplant and we’re encouraged about his prognosis.


Another Rave Review

From Henry – For the first time in 40 years, I am craving FREE!!! I have lost weight before, but it was always hard and I was usually hungry, angry, and frustrated. I can see how I can do this for life. The most exciting thing I have to say is NO BELLY FAT! Again, words cannot thank you enough.