Chi Running Workshop

We are hosting a Chi Running Workshop today in Abita! In order to burn fat forever, you have to move and chi running is a method of running that reduces injury, increases speed, and endurance.  Want to know more?  Check it out!

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Plateau shmateau…

So you are going along your merry way, losing weight and then BAM the scale stops moving!  You have hit a plateau!  Now what?

Well first thing is first…are you in ketosis?  If you are not in ketosis, then go back to basics and rid your diet of carbs.  Oh, but wait, can you hit a plateau AND still be in ketosis?  Yes you can! What is the solution?  It could be a lack of water.

In order to lose fat your body must go through a process called hydrolysis, which requires lots of water.  Hydrolysis allows the mobilization of fat and toxins from your body.  How much water do you need?  At minimum, we should consume 64 oz of water a day.  Yes, water.  Not coffee, not soft drinks…water.  Water helps move the fat.

Remember coffee and other caffeine drinks actually work as a diuretic, so for every ounce of caffeinated drink once ounce of water would be needed to negate the diuretic effect.  Then you still have to drink at least 64 ounces of water in addition to that!  Also, if you exercise or if it’s extremely hot, guess what? You need more water!

One caveat.. there are some arguments for drinking caffeine free beverages in place of water, (e.g herbal teas, lemonade, etc) but beware, there can be hidden calories and carbs in these drinks.  Plus, lets face it you body KNOWS what to do with water, so there is no question that if you take in enough, you can wash the fat away!  More to come on plateaus…stay tuned!

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Are you ready for some football?

It’s football season again!  Everyone is ready to sit around the TV and eat a healthy meal right? HA!!! Probably not.  Carby treats are everywhere; chips, candy, popcorn, you name it! What is a low carber to do?  It is actually quite easy!  Here are some fun ideas for your next tailgate party…

Cheese, Meat and Olive Tray

Cube a variety of cheeses, slice your favorite cold cuts or sausages and add olives.  Serve with a low carb hot mustard.  Easy and delicious!

Broiled Kale

Yes Kale!

Preheat oven to 400 degress.  Chop leafy kale removing stems.  Add olive oil till glistening.  Add popcorn seasoning, salt, and/or cajun seasoning.  Toss till coated.  Place oiled/seasoned kale on a sheet pan evenly in one layer. (do not stack, the kale will not get crispy.) Bake for 12 minutes until kale is crisp.

Veggies and Dips

Use celery, colored peppers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, or any other low carb vegetable to dip into your favorite high fat dip low carb dip.  Blue cheese, ranch, cheese dip, spinach dip…yum!

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Labor Day Weekend!!

Hello!  I want to first wish you all a great labor day weekend!  There is no better way to celebrate labor day than a barbeque!  Yes you can have a great barbeque without the sugary sauce AND burn fat forever!

You can grill everything!  First, grill some steak, burgers, chicken, fish, shrimp, or your favorite meat!  Then make a sauce to dip it in!  Add a creamy homemade coleslaw on the side and YUM you are all set!

Saucy suggestions:

Fish or shrimp:

Melt butter with minced garlic for a lovely garlic butter sauce.  Add capers for a little salty zing.

Steak or or burgers

Blue cheese dressing anyone?  Makes a great dip for steak.

Chicken or and pretty much anything:

Southwest sauce:

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup sour cream

1/2 avocado

1 TBS taco seasoning (make sure it has no carbs)

1 tsp lime juice

Salt/Pepper to Taste

Mix ingredients till smooth.  Enjoy!!

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The Burn Fat Forever Secret

So you have read the website, the blogs, resources, so what’s different about burn fat forever?  We believe at burn fat forever, we have a comprehensive individualized system that can help you incorporate the principals and science of fat burning into your life.  In addition, we help our guests deal with eating behavior patterns, including emotional eating.  We provide tips and tricks to get you through daily life while we help you to figure out what works for YOUR body, because guess what?  We are all different!!

Our next retreat is in two weeks but it isn’t too late!  September 13th begins your next journey! To book a retreat go to:



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Kids Will Be Kids

We all know what Peter Attia eats to stay lean, but what about his daughter?  This is a great article on how he is is setting the example for his daughter while allowing her to just be a kid too!  Peter, you remain our hero!

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The Skinny on FAT

Peter Attia, MD is one of our favorite advocates for a low carb lifestyle.  His website “The Eating Academy” is a great resource of information. Peter is blowing the lid off of fat and current nutritional thinking with solid research and science.  One of his top 10 blogs is what he eats.  His personal story on how he got to 7% body fat while eating mostly FAT is quite fascinating.  Check out what Peter Eats at:


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Lower Your Blood Pressure

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released information on the latest research regarding exercise and  high blood pressure.  Good news!  Exercise can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure or hypertention even if you have a family history of hypertension.  To read the whole story, check out this link . . .



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