Setting it on FIRE!

When we say the weight will fly off men we weren’t kidding!  Our recent guest, Steven is setting the world on fire with his results!  Even the BFF team is amazed!  He has lost 17 lbs in 10 days!  In addition, his asthma has cleared and is no longer using his inhaler.  He says he is feeling great with lots of energy.  Go Steven GO!!

You will be seeing after pictures of Steven soon!  Stay tuned!


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A Personal Note

I love my job!!  The BFF team received yet another letter of gratitude today from a burn fat forever retreater.  The story is always the same, but it never gets old!  Participants are grateful for weight loss, increased energy, and clearer minds.  I truly believe health to be the basis of a good life and the BFF team is on a mission to help people improve their lives through greater health.

With a clear mind and increased energy, you have the ability to make better decisions and have the power to take charge of your life.  In turn, you are then able to take better care of others around you, your family, friends, etc.  I invite you to join us and let us show you how!!


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Help! On the Road

Whether we are traveling across the country or just running errands, there are always challenges when its time to eat.  Sometimes we just need to have a little snack to keep us going while we are on the go.   What do we do?

There are a couple of tried and true strategies that can help you get from point A to point B.  I find that keeping nuts or low carb protein bars in my bag helps with those times when I haven’t had time to eat a real meal.  I also find that chewing gum and drinking plenty of water helps me get through until I can eat.  Forgot your snack stash?  Don’t despair!! Just about any gas station will have nuts or beef jerky that can be BFF friendly (of course read the labels).

So when you are on the road and see the drive thru…just keep on driving!!!  Happy trails!

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Dinner in a Chinese Restaurant

 Eating out can be a challenge for anyone trying to lose weight or trying to stay lean.  This seems to be especially true in a Chinese restaurant, right?  Well, don’t fear there are some good choices you can make in a Chinese restaurant.

Most Chinese places will serve various steamed entrees, which is typically the best choice.  They usually consist of a protein such as shrimp, beef, or chicken, and carbohydrates in the form of healthy, fiberous vegetables.  These are good options.  The steamed entrees usually come with no sauce, but make sure you clarify that with your server when you order.  Of course, also be sure that there is no rice served or just ask that they serve it on the side, but don’t stop there!  There is hope for some additional flavor here.  You can make your own sauce.  Ask for hot sauce, vinegar, hot mustard, and oil.  Some restaurants will even have these items on the table.  Then just mix up to taste!  Don’t forget to be generous with the oil to get that healthy fat in the dish and boost satisfaction.  One word of caution…beware of soy sauce, some brands have as much as two carbs per tablespoon, so if you must use, be very aware!!

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Retreat Complete!

We were busy, busy at the BFF retreat today, but oh what a day!  All participants are in a healthy nutritional ketotic state, burning the fat, and losing weight!

We had a diverse group of guests this weekend.  Weight loss goals varied from 15 lbs to 100 lbs, but all were accommodated.  This is their new beginning!  Check out their success stories on the success stories tab in the near future for more info on their progress.  This is exciting stuff!

Who’s next?  Are you ready to Burn Fat Forever?  Our September dates are booking fast!  Contact us to reserve your spot today!!   Don’t Delay!!




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Retreat Away!!

We are on day 3 of our retreat and we are burning it up!!  Everyone is in the pink (ketotic) and doing well.  We had tasty Burn Fat Forever treats yesterday evening followed by a powerful goal setting session.  A relaxing morning began with coffee and tea in the sitting room.  After the morning education session, several of the guests have scheduled Watsu massages, one of the several additional spa services that we offer at the Burn Fat Forever Retreat.

Never heard of Watsu?  Well, it is an aquatic therapy done in warm water.  The therapist uses massage, gentle stretching, and joint mobilization techniques to create a deeply relaxing experience that offers a range of therapeutic benefits and healing.  It is a great addition to your Burn Fat Forever Retreat experience.  Who says losing weight can’t be relaxing and fun?

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Change is Hard…But Possible!!

Change is not easy, but it can especially be difficult when the environment is not conducive to change.  That is the situation with living a low carb lifestyle.  There are the “obvious” carbs in desserts, sweet drinks, bread, etc, but then there are the hidden carbs that can sneak into your diet.  These hidden carbs often come in the form of added sugars or flours to items we don’t consider sweet such as salad dressings, sauces, etc.  How do we deal with this challenge and make the needed changes?

The burn fat forever program provides many tips and strategies to cope with daily living on the program, but at the root of it all is planning and diligence.  Planning ahead helps us stay in control.  Planning meals, having snacks on hand, keeping quick-fix BFF friendly food in the house all helps to stay on track during busy times and challenging food situations.  Scheduling work out time is also part of the planning process.  Diligence is needed to stay on track and make the lifestyle changes, but the rewards are immeasurable!  Weighing less, feeling great is all worth the effort!!



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A Fish Tale

 After writing about the amazing benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, I couldn’t resist the urge to share an easy, low cost salmon recipe!

Salmon Burgers

2 large cans of wild caught salmon (drained, but a little water is OK)

2 large eggs

1 Tbs garlic powder

1 tsp Tabasco

4 Tbs olive oil for pan frying

Lemon wedges

Heat olive oil in a non-stick pan on medium heat.

In a large mixing bowl, break salmon with a fork.  Add eggs, garlic powder, Tabasco to the bowl and mix thoroughly.  Form into 6 -8 patties depending on size preference.

Place patties in oil and pan-fry about 3 minutes each side or until the patties are browned and hot throughout.  Serve with lemon wedges.

These also work great served over a bed of lettuce with your favorite low-carb salad dressing.


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Obesity, Inflammation, and Omega 3’s

Excess body fat has been linked to an increase in inflammation and inflammation is linked to multiple chronic diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes; but don’t despair Omega 3 essential fatty acids to the rescue!  Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce proteins that cause inflammation according to a study done at Ohio State University. (

This is good news BFFers!  Omega 3’s can help us lose weight and reduce inflammation, but how do we get them?  Cold water fish like salmon, sardines, or anchovies are an easy and tasty way to get the most potent Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), but if you aren’t a fish lover, then a high quality fish oil supplement will do the trick according to the study.  If you are vegan, vegetarian, or just prefer to avoid fish, then oils (e.g. flaxseed) and nuts (e.g. walnuts) are alternatives that provide ALA, a type of essential acid that converts partially to EPA and DHA in the body.   (For more information, on Omega 3 fatty acids check out:

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